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    Are you looking to validate your idea?

    We help you with the Minimum Viable Product.

    "The MVP is that version of the product that enables a full turn of the Build-Measure-Learn loop with a minimum amount of effort and the least amount of development time"

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    Hybrid solutions

    We understand the advantages and cost savings of Cloud Computing. Therefore we know how to design and build information systems that integrate all your Cloud services. For instance a solution with Sharepoint Online (Office 365) + Windows Azure + DocuSign + Aspose

What we do

Web applications

We create effective, powerful and engaging websites following standards that boost search engine results and contribute to reach Domain Authority; W3C standards compliant and compatibility with all devices.

  • Front end development UI/UX
  • CMS implementation
  • PSD, AI to HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • PSD, AI to HTML email
  • Custom modules and widgets
  • Dashboards and Visualization tools
development web

Mobile apps

We create cross-platform enterprise mobile apps that prioritize the user interaction, devices and back-end.

  • IOS/Android/Windows
  • Web mobile apps
  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • API back-end development
App Mobile

Tailored software

We create tailored software solutions for specific business processes, optimizing and integrating the existing technology with the business processes and actors.

  • BPM
  • ETL development
  • Desktop apps
  • Reporting solutions
  • Integrated apps with ERP, CRM,
    WMS, LOB
  • HTTP, TCP Communication apps
Tailored Software

Systems support and maintenance

We help to develop, improve and leverage information systems that support critical mission business processes, applying the best practices of SDLC and incident management.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Features development
  • Source control
  • SDLC environments
Systems support and maintenance


Our service allows you to focus on the core activities of your growing organization or startup, while we work on the information systems that support them. In addition, our experience and specialized skills will contribute to the projects and teams success.

  • CTO
  • SCRUM team
  • Software Factory

Marketing & Advertising

MUVA is our creative branch for marketing and advertising solutions. We help your organization or startup to achieve an unified branding language, attractive and powerful. Our creative team works in develop your brand, discover its potential and create effective communication strategies.

logo MUVA About Muva Agency

How we do it




We follow the most important principles of this methodology in order to achieve transparency, unification of efforts, change adaption and short turnarounds required in nowadays projects. In most cases for startups, it helps to make smart decisions about the roadmap of the product or project. Prioritization and production based on features allow us to build software that is more friendly with business processes and users, achieving successful projects for your organization.


We use this methodology in order to track our production process in real time and guarantee the quality of deliverables in a simple and productive way.



We use an integrated set of tools and frameworks that provide added value and boost our productivity so we can focus in the specific solution required by your organization.

  • Microsoft .Net Solutions
  • Window Presentation Foundation Solutions
  • Microsoft SQL Server Solutions
  • Sharepoint Solutions
  • DotNetNuke, DNN Platform, Evoq Content Solutions
  • Telerik Solutions
  • Aspose Solutions
  • Dynamsoft Solutions
  • Office 365 Solutions
  • Window Azure Solutions
  • Window SQL Server Azure Solutions
  • Bistalk Server Solutions
  • Nintex Solutions
  • Xamarin Solutions
  • IOS Solutions
  • Androind Solutions
  • Window Phone Solutions
  • Super Socket Solutions
  • knockout Solutions
  • Html, Css, JavaScript Solutions
  • AngularJS
  • Infowise
  • Lucene
  • Encompass
  • Oracle database

We can boost your projects done with:

  • PHP
  • CakePHP
  • Logo wordpress
  • Logo laravel
  • MySQL

What we have done


  • Gt Source
  • Hue-Media
  • IDB
  • Total Civil Construction
  • GAS
  • Check Direct
  • Questel
  • Soda Box
  • Questel
  • Sharepoint Revolution


  • Eli Project
  • Checkup English
  • Checkup English
  • Handy commerce

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